FAQs of Airplay Screen Mirroring Receiver version 1.6

Frequently Asked Questions are listed below:

  • Cannot find the receiver in the iOS device control center.

    1. Reinstall:due to a small probability bug in the Windows operating system, if you have never succeeded, you can uninstall the program and reinstall it.
    2. Right place: make sure the screen mirroring is selected on the iOS device.

    3. Same Wi-Fi Lan: in most cases, it is because the iOS device and the computer are not in the same Wi-Fi LAN.
      1. Record the IP of the computer and iOS device, as shown below.
      2. Use the ping command inside the command prompt (Win + R, type cmd, press Enter) to check if the network is not blocked, This is an example of network instability, among the 4 ping packets, the third packet has timed out, and the fourth packet demonstrates that it is very high, and Screen Mirroring cannot be performed normally.

    4. Firewall settings: Check if your firewall allows apps to access the network according to the steps above
      1. Press Win + R show run dialog, input perfmon.exe /res
      2. Hit ok
      3. Switch to the network page, wait for a while, let the data load complete
      4. Click on the label Image to sort the data by name
      5. Check if AirPlay-Screen-Mirroring-Receiver.exe is restricted by firewall
      6. If it is restricted, it is recommended to uninstall the application and reinstall it from the Windows Store, reinstallation will make the firewall establish the correct rules
      7. Restart computer to check the firewall status.

    5. Contact us:click the link on the interface "Locate search log", email the log to app_feedback@qq.com to get a start.