Guides of Airplay Screen Mirroring Receiver version 1.6
  • How to start screen mirroring?
    1. Ensure that the computer and iOS device are in the same Wi-Fi network.
    2. Start the program Airplay Screen Mirroring Receiver, you will see the computer name displayed in the center of the software.
    3. Open the control center of the iOS device, enter the screen mirroring, wait a few seconds, you will find that a new device is searched, the device name is the name of the computer, tap the device, after a few seconds, the screen of the iOS device will be mirrored to the computer. The sound will also be transmitted to the computer.
  • How to set up the sound output device?
    After the program is started and before mirroring, click the Sound Output button at the bottom of the interface to select the appropriate sound output device. Once mirroring is started, the sound output device cannot be changed.